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Family Life and Parenting

  • Children and Discipline: A Parent's Guide (Arabic, English)
  • Raising Children in a New Country: An Illustrated Handbook (Arabic, English)
  • Refugee family strengthening resources (Arabic, English)
  • Parenting resources (Common Problems, Ideas for Parents, Support for Parents) (Arabic, English)
  • The Teenage Years: Making them Easier for Parents and Young People (Arabic, English)
  • For more resources on this topic in Arabic, click here.

U.S. School System (K-12)

Early Childhood

  • Early childhood videos (Arabic, English)
  • Ready, Set, Learn: Helping your Preschooler Get Ready for School (Arabic, English)
  • Safety for Babies and Children (Arabic, English)
  • Tips for Reading with Children (Arabic, English)
  • Together We Play and Learn (Arabic, English)
  • Translated Tip Sheets: (Toileting Independence, Snack Time Routine, Understanding How and Why Your Child Communicates, Tying Shoes & more) (Arabic, English)
  • For more resources on this topic in Arabic, click here.

Children's Books (*These books may be available for free from your local library)

Health/Mental Health

  • Healthy Kids: A Parents' Guide (Arabic, English)
  • Health information translations (Arabic, English)
  • Healthy Living Toolkit (Arabic, English)
  • Information on health in four forms (Arabic, English)
  • Translated health topics ("Making Sense of Depression", "How to Cope with Stress", "Does Someone You Know have a Mental Illness?", "Alcohol and Drug Problems Happen in all Kinds of Families", "Preventing Suicide", "Preventing Youth Suicide", "Sad Feeling After Childbirth", "Traumatic Stress Disorder") (Arabic, English)