BRYCS Young Boy with Big Smile - iStockphoto/Tom Young
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Bridging Refugee Youth and Children's Services (BRYCS) is a national technical assistance program working to broaden the scope of information and collaboration among service providers in order to strengthen services to refugee children, youth, and their families. 

The Service Disconnect
Refugee families in the U.S. receive services from many different agencies, which approach their work with separate goals, perspectives, information and resources. This can lead to a fragmented experience on the part of families, and less effective services all around.

The Bridge
BRYCS provides quality technical assistance through the help of our Refugee Technical Assistance Bureau (RTAB). Comprised of more than 30 experts in refugee child welfare, education, health/mental health and more, BRYCS consultants not only provide technical assistance, but they contribute to blogs, webinars and the creation of new resources. RTAB also includes 20 refugee youth leaders who participated in the U.S. Refugee Youth Consultants in February 2016.  In providing technical assistance and maintaining the nation's largest online collection of resources related to refugee and immigrant children and families, BRYCS facilitates information sharing and collaboration among a diverse group of service providers, including child welfare, schools, refugee resettlement agencies, and ethnic and community-based organizations.

The Benefits
When agencies collaborate and share information, services improve. Refugee parents, youth, and children are thus better supported in their new culture, and are better equipped to meet adjustment challenges as they integrate into their new communities.